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The Fatal Four

The fatal four behaviours cause death and serious injury. If you don't lose your life - you may lose your licence.





"I was running late"

"I thought it was a 40 limit not 30"

"My speedo says I was only doing..... "


Break the speed limit and you could get between three and six points and a fine.    





"I didn't realise I was over the limit”

"It was only a spliff or two”

"It was an emergency and I had to drive”


Drive or attempt to drive when you're over the limit and it's and instant 12 month ban that will stay on your licence for 11 years.  





"I normally wear it”

"I have only just driven off”

"I can't wear it, it gives me neck pain”


If you don't wear a seatbelt, you could get a £100 fine. 





"I never answer it when I'm driving, but it was urgent"

"I wasn't on it, I was just checking my messages"

"Yes I did use my phone, but I still had both hands on the wheel”


If you talk, text or even play with your phone whilst driving, it could be six points and a £200 fine. 


Note: For new drivers within the first two years of passing their test, this could mean losing your licence and retaking your test. That text, call or streaming session will therefore not only be expensive but could impact your future or current employment.