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Speed Awareness Courses


A National Speed Awareness Course is an educational alternative to a fine and penalty points being endorsed on your driving licence. You are only eligible for a course if you have not completed one in the last three years, your speed is within the required criteria set out by ACPO. Also, you would need to complete and return your Notice of Intended Prosecution within the required 28-day time period.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, courses have been conducted online by course providers but there are now more and more classroom courses being run for those who prefer to attend in person. The classroom courses are only available by provider discretion, and we recommend contacting a course provider by telephone to see if they have classroom courses available or not.


Online courses last between 2 hours 30 minutes – 3 hours, you must have a device with a front facing camera, a microphone and device sound. Most online courses are provided by Microsoft Teams (free to download as an app) but you must have a strong internet connection.


Classroom courses last between 3 – 4 hours and you are recommended to take a pen and paper with you.


The prices for the courses vary on the course provider but a payment plan may be available if you request from the provider. When you attend a course, you must produce suitable photographic identification such as a passport or driving licence.


There are rules when attending a course in order to complete. The trainer will decide if you have completed the course. The rules are:         

  • You must be completely alone, in a private location where you will not be disrupted.         

  • Your location must be quiet. If your location is deemed inappropriate, then you may be removed from the course by the trainer.         

  • If you attend a classroom course, you must bring a pen or pencil.         

  • If you attend an online course, you must have a device with a front facing camera, microphone, device sound and a strong internet connection.         

  • Virtual or blurred backgrounds are not permitted, the camera will be able to see behind you.         

  • With the exception of using a mobile device to attend an online course, the use of mobile devices during the course is strictly prohibited. All mobile devices must be switched to silent and stored out of sight.     

  • People participating in a course should conduct themselves in a respectful manner to the course trainers and others attending the course.



Failure to comply with these terms may result in you being excluded from a course.


For a full list of course providers, please click here.