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Speed Awareness Courses

CREST sees the benefit of dealing with some traffic offences by way of educational courses rather than prosecutions.


The CREST team launched speed awareness courses in February 2008.


A speed awareness course is an educational alternative to penalty points and a fine, that some people may be eligible for. Your eligibility for a course is determined by whether you have completed one in the last three years, your speed and how promptly you respond to the Notice of Intended Prosecution. The course consists of a four hour interactive presentation and discussion on all aspects of driving and speed control in particular, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The current price for a speed awareness course in Derbyshire is £91.00 inclusive of VAT (prices are subject to change).


Courses in Derbyshire are provided by DriveTech click here for booking information. Alternatively you can click here for a list of the national providers of speed awareness courses.