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Camera Types

Here you can find a list of cameras that we use across Derbyshire.


These cameras, in yellow housings, use radar technology to detect the speed of passing vehicles.The camera is activated when a vehicle crosses the radar beam at an excessive speed. The camera will capture the rear of the vehicle and will capture two photographs 0.5 seconds apart. These two images assist in verifying the speed detected by using the white lines painted on the surface of the road.



These cameras, also in yellow housings, use sensors embedded in the road to measure the speed of oncoming vehicles and have the facility to photograph the front or rear of vehicles. Operators again perform a secondary check on photographs using marker lines to verify speeds.




Mobile Cameras

Three mobile safety camera vans and an enforcement motorcycle are operated on over 50 routes across Derbyshire. The cameras which are operated through the rear or side windows of the vans or at the road side with a tripod use a laser device to measure the speed of vehicles travelling towards or away from the camera. The vans all bear the 'CREST Team' livery, which identifies to road users that cameras are in operation.


HADECS 3 Cameras

These cameras are used in Derbyshire from Junction 28 to 30 of the M1. They assist in enforcing the speed limit along this section of smart motorway. The HADECS 3 cameras use a non-intrusive dual radar for speed detection across all lanes of the motorway. In addition HADECS 3 cameras can identify which lane and which vehicle committed the speeding offence.