Do you have a speeding concern? If so, then Report It


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Questions that our camera operators are asked.

Below is a list of questions that our camera operators are asked all the time. We also hand out this leaflet should anyone ask us one or more of these questions.


Should there be camera signs to warn drivers of your presence ?

There is no legal requirement for us to display camera signs on or near the road or on the enforcement vehicle.  Motorist should be aware that if they exceed the legal speed limit anywhere at any time, they risk being detected and fined.


Is the equipment bi-directional ?

Yes, speeding motorists can be measured and photographed either approaching or receding from the vehicle.


Does the camera enforcement officer have to be a police officer ?

No, the safety camera operators are employees of CREST and are tasked by their employer, the Chief Constable,  to carry out their role of gathering evidence as "witnesses" in accordance with section 89 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.  They have been fully trained in the use of all aspects of the Home Office type approved device that they are using and are authorised to drive a police liveried enforcement vehicle.


Are there any rules around parking for enforcement vehicles ?

It is not always possible for speed enforcement vehicles to park in a designated space or parking bay.  On occasions, it may be necessary to park where other vehicles are unable to do so.  In these cases, there may be a specific exemption from any parking restrictions for 'police purposes' or a risk assessment will have been undertaken that has assessed the site as safe to park. The legality or otherwise of where the vehicle is parked is not a defence to speeding.


Does the camera operator have to wear a high visibility jacket ?

The operator works from within the confines of a vehicle.  The vehicle are fully marked and highly visible.  There is no requirement for the operator to wear any particular type of garment.


Is this entrapment ?

No, entrapment is a practice that induces a person to commit a criminal offence that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit.  We have not encouraged drivers to speed and no one can be forced to break the speed limit.  The purpose of safety cameras is to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured in collisions on our roads, by encouraging people to obey speed limits.  Motorists should be aware that if they exceed the legal speed limit, they risk being detected.


What if I block the view of the camera with my vehicle?

Any behaviour which is intended to prevent our camera operators from doing their jobs will be treated as harassment and dealt with accordingly.  We will also not tolerate abusive, threatening or insulting behaviour towards our staff.