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NPCC Speed Campaign

National Police Chiefs' Council speed campaign running 12th - 25th August.

Monday 12th August is the start of a national speed campaign, which will see Derbyshire Constabulary’s Road Policing Unit, Community Speedwatch and the Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST) join forces. The campaign aims to encourage drivers to think about their speed and to always travel within the limit.

Speeding and inappropriate speed increases the risk of a collision and the severity of the consequences and it is estimated that across Europe speeding contributes to as many as a third of all collisions resulting in a fatality.

Sarah Robbins, CREST’s Enforcement Supervisor said “if you hit a child in a vehicle when driving at 20mph, they are likely to survive with minor injuries, at 30mph they have an 80% chance of survival but at 40mph, you will probably kill the child. These are sobering statistics and show why these national campaigns are so important – especially as we are currently in the school holidays”.

The campaign is being coordinated by the National Police Chiefs Council. Chief Constable Anthony Bagham who is the NPCC lead for Roads Policing said “Speed limits are one of the many factors designed to keep road users safe, they are limits not targets and should be respected and adhered to.

Safe speeds are a key pillar of the NPCC ‘Policing our roads together’ strategy. I urge all of those driving or riding on our roads to respect the law on speed limits. Police Officers across the UK will be taking part in this NPCC enforcement campaign because we know the unacceptable risk that inappropriate speed causes to all road users”.

This campaign runs until 25th August, however beyond that, the day to day enforcement from all of the above taking part, continues. All locations for the above campaign and onwards can always be found on this website.