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Community Concern Sites

Welcome to our new initiative - Community Concern Sites.

As the number of reports we receive from the public informing us of speeding in their area continues to grow, we've introduced a new campaign to combat these concerns. 


Historically the majority of these locations, through recent collision (36 months) and/or speed survey data, did not fit the criteria for a fixed or mobile speed camera and so little could be done to assist with public concerns. However as our County continues to change with new housing and road links, speeding may now pose a greater risk to the public than historical data would suggest. We have therefore recognised in some of the locations reported to us enforcement could assist in preventing a collision from occurring and so our team have begun to work more closely with the public and act on as many of these reports as possible.


These new sites are called 'Community Concern sites' and although they may not present an historical risk to the public we are now able to assess the risk they do pose and work towards preventing any serious or fatal collisions involving speed.

We therefore ask the public to contact us via the red 'Report It' button on any of our pages if they have a speeding concern.


We can then analyse the data and intelligence we have on the area before making a recommendation to complete an onsite assessment. These assessments include a small speed survey to collate data to confirm a speeding issue and also to find a safe and suitable location where our vans or our motorcycle enforcement officer can be positioned.


After this has been completed, we will inform you of our findings and how we intend to proceed. 


Of course we cannot be everywhere, but we are trying to improve our flexibility and be more proactive instead of reactive with speeding concerns.