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Report a Speeding Concern

If you have a concern about speed on your road or in your area, please complete and submit the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note the following before deciding to submit your concerns:- 

  • CREST can only assist via enforcement; if your request is for a speed limit change, road layout, signing issues or an engineering solution (i.e. one way system, footpath or crossing) please direct your concerns to the council on these websites. Derbyshire County Council www.derbyshire.gov.uk/home.aspx Derby City Council www.derby.gov.uk/transport-and-streets/roads-highways-pavements/roads-maintenance following the links to report road faults. 
  • With our only solution being enforcement please consider if this is a possible solution for the type of road being reported; can we safely park a vehicle?
  • Is your concern based around a few repeat offenders or a large proportion of the vehicles using the road? CREST cannot be on every road and therefore we must prioritise those which present the greatest risk to public safety. Mobile camera enforcement is therefore not always the right solution; consider reporting intelligence around individual motorists who pose a risk to the public via Derbyshire Constabulary's Non-Emergency number 101.
  • When is the problem occurring? CREST's mobile enforcement vehicles can only enforce during daylight hours. Therefore if your speeding concerns are for a time of day outside of this please contact 101 or your Local Policing Unit directly via the Derbyshire Constabulary website.
  • This form should only be used for the purpose of reporting a speeding concern any other requests will not receive a response. Speeding concerns which are better suited to another solution will however be forwarded to the relevant teams.

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Road Name and Location:
Speed Limit: